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What is the quality of product used in your jewelry?

The quality of our product is of utmost concern to us.  We pride ourselves on the care that goes into the preparation of every piece.  Our jewelry is not machine built.  On pieces such as our rosary beads, every link is hand crafted and then tested for durability.  We avoid plastics and acrylics in our pieces, including the wire that binds our product together. 

Also, when manufacturing a piece we strive for balance between style, comfort, and durability.  Our pieces are double-enforced which ensures durability and comfort.  Many hand-crafted jewelers avoid this feature.  Our double-enforcement includes a crimp and crimp cover (crimp ball) at every wire binding.  This feature is even included on pieces that you don't wear, such as our electronic hangers.

To guarantee the best possible quality, we offer a one year warranty to repair any defects.  If for any reason your piece breaks within one year we will repair or replace it completely, depending on the availability of component pieces.  We strive for the utmost in customer satisfaction.

How expensive is your jewelry?

Making affordable, hand-crafted jewelry is important to us.  We offer several lines of jewelry to adorn you for all occasions, ensuring that the jewelry you want is appropriately priced for the situation.  All of our jewelry is chosen and assembled by hand in the United States.  On the left you can see the general price list for our individual lines. 

All pricing listed on this page is base pricing.  Please check with us for pricing on crystals, multiples strands, and other custom requests.  Note that custom requests generally do not cost more than our standard offerings, depending on the colors and materials that you choose.  If you are interested in having a custom piece made, then contact us for more details.

Do You Repair Jewelry?

We offer a full one-year warranty on our jewelry.  As a result, we definitely do repair and cleaning of jewelry.  Contact for a free consultation.

Are you really Irish?

Absolutely (well, one-fourth Irish actually)!  Finn is my mother's mother's family name.

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